Super Junior: fashion and dance princes

OMG. More. My high school friend, now in Taiwan, just introduced me to Super Junior, the world’s largest boy band. Created in Korea, with one lucky Chinese member, they are 13 pre-fabricated boys with complex hair and choreography, and some awesome fashion choices.

The sheer quantity of boys makes focusing on any particular one impossible. More than a simple “something for everyone,” which a 5 person boy band can amply accomplish, this 13 boy team is both a producer/management company dream and a visual overload. I can only imagine the enormity of the wardrobe and hair department.


  1. I. Love you.

    XDD I’m so freakin’ happy you’re into SuJu now! Holy crap, I’ve converted somewhere around 8 ppl now. 🙂 Don’t I get a free membership somewhere….?

    Jared, believe me, you have just walked into a treasure trove of goodies awaiting your enjoyment. There are so many things with Super Junior to behold, it will literally take you a good couple of years to get through it all– assuming your the averaged obsessed fan, like myself, with a life. They come out with stuff ALL the time. The slashing is limitless. My personal favorite pairing is Hanchul (Hangeng and Heechul). There is so much canon for Hanchul, they slash themselves for you! Now that’s 7-11 convenient! (Taiwan reference. Anyone?)

    The first song you posted, “It’s You”, and “Sorry Sorry” play in stores here in TW virtually everyday. And they’re on MTV (the MTV here actually plays music). I cannot begin to explain to you how happy that makes me. I finally belong somewhere. It feels like home wherever place I am that plays “Prisoner of Love” on the stereo. It’s a phenomenal feeling. I will def blog about it once I’ve articulated this a little more.

    Enjoy the SuJu fandom (hopefully it leads to DBSK, Epik High, TRAX, Rain, and Bigbang) and you’re welcome. :3

  2. Ah! I just realized that I left that last comment under my wordpress name. Sorry ’bout that. That blog is my fake, family-friendly one. Lord knows I cannot have everyone reading what I intend on writing in my real blog.


  3. I know this is my third comment here, but I must say, I cannot believe how popular SuJu is now. No one really took them seriously for years but after this third album, every man, woman, and child in all of Asia knows the dance to Sorry Sorry. And, I’m not considered a freak when I bump into someone and go “Sorry…. sorry sorry sorry sorry!” XD You wouldn’t believe how many ppl do that. Old, young, it doesn’t matter.

    Also, Kibum? Really? He’s my least favorite. Good actor though. 🙂 And he’s got it going on in the looks department most of the time (did you see his stupid mustache in the 2006 Super Show? Asians and ‘staches do NOT mix).

    My fave is Heechul but if I ever find myself on Taiwanese, Japanese, or Korean national television, I will proclaim that Yesung is my fave b/c no one likes him and up until now he’s had zero face time in SJ.

    Alright, I’ll stop talking now. This is what happens when talkative ppl are surrounded by ppl who’s language they cannot understand. ;P

  4. thank you, marius mink. traffic on this post is spiking. you have your hand on the pulse of fangirls and fags everywhere!

    please post some of the best Hanchul slash: Heechul’s puffy lips are Angelina Jolie-unreal, and his hair is almost a disguise. and I love how Hangeng serves as outreach to the Chinese fan base.

    i am loving your blog posts about your TW arrival. keep up the great writing!

  5. yah..u should like SUPER JUNIOR..
    cz their music and their looks was very hot…
    i think they r better than any other idol group in korea…
    they have a lot of talents n did not afraid to show their silly n witty to fans…

    i have start like them since U single release..
    then, i keep buying their album until now…
    do you know how much i love them esp kyuhyunnie….hehehehe…he’s my fave member in SUJU..

  6. thanks, farah, for the encouragement. did kyuhyunnie recover completely from the April 19, 2007 car crash? do you have a favorite slash pairing of SuJu boys?

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