Construction cuteness and bowing

Sewage mascot, Ginza construction

Japan always provokes odd questions. Is construction related cuteness superior to construction related bowing in apology? What do you think is more awesome?

Above is the lit-up sewage mascot announcing construction in Ginza, and seemingly suggesting that your waste will immediately contribute to the world, or at least Asia-Pacific.

Below is a sign apologizing that one of the two elevators is out of order. The outage probably lasted not much longer than it took to hang the sign on all ten floors. I love the apology for the even slightest inconvenience.

Elevator out of service bow


  1. My favorite has got to be the anthropomorphic globe. But his manhole cover hat makes me worried (Isn’t that what it is?)… That has to be one biiiiiiiigg plumber to need a manhole that huge!

  2. Goody, it is a world of sewage. Not sure if I would call street sewer workers “plumbers.” At the scale they are construction workers. BTW, Tokyo has a sewer museum on Odaiba (reachable by the Yurkiamome train). I wonder if there is a history of the mascot. Anyone been there?

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