Faithful new online friend Elena


Under the email Parker Esposito, I received this email message hoping to develop “friendly relations” from Elena. My new would-be friend is an elementary school English teacher! She seems like a real charmer, although I wonder how her brother looks like in a tight tee in a winter field.

My name is Elena!

We never talk with you earlier. I am 29 years old. I can tell to you that
I would like to get acquainted with you, and probably in the future we can
develop friendly relations, and probably and it is more, it can show only
time. I wish to find second half My friends say that I very friendly,
beautiful woman. I am a teacher of English in Elementary school! I
like my work because I love children. If it was pleasant to you my
photo or what I could write about myself in this small letter then I
will be glad if you write to me the letter on my email, OK?

Please reply only to my personal e-mail:  tatochka099 at yahoo dot com

In the next letter I will send to you more of photo that you could
see better me. Also I will be grateful, if with your answer will send
a photo.

Yours faithfully, Elena.


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