Narimiya Hiroki

Narimiya Hiroki

Is life circular or just my own depraved mind? An interesting discussion on Bangin sensei’s brilliant website about the difference between gay and Boys Love (BL) male ideals. On the one hand there are yakuza and gay terms aniki and gachimuchi (兄貴/ガチムチ), a butch-er, often mustachioed and muscle image. It can be summed up as ikanimo-kei (イカニモ系). On the other hand, there is the yaoi dream of androgynous beautiful boys, yaoi taikei (ヤオイ体型), who often do not appeal to gay taste.

Somehow the discussion led to young actor and singer Narimiya Hiroki, and then, despite the often lack of celebrity online photos, this deliriously dirty image above from his photo book Milk. OMG! And then, the husband reminded me that he is the star of the movie I want to see on DVD, Lala Pipo. It’s based on Okuda Hideo’s hilarious book (available in English translation, too).

Has anyone seen Lala Pipo? Does anyone have any intimate details about Narimiya Hiorki?


    1. Not worksafe? There are no “bits and pieces” despite the abundance of skin and “moe.” Glad you like it! Have you seen Lala Pipo? The book was hilarious!

  1. Omg, I didn’t notice that was Narimiya Hiroki! XD That makes it WAY better. It’s nice to see he’s up to some new (naked-esque) stuff. The last time I saw him was in his role in Stand Up!! (also starring Ninomiya Kazunari, who I adore).

  2. He’s also in Anan half naked quite often. You should make it a point to always flip through Anan magazine whenever you see it. 😉 I do. I’ll try to see if I still have back copies. He’s not my favorite, but I like him! I like him better naked, since I usually hate his fashion taste. Too many necklaces / charm bracelets / ankets / rings / ETCCC
    Such a magpie, that Hiroki Narimiya.

  3. the real beauty comes out if you’re naked, don’t you think? And Hiroki is definitly one of the many japanese idols who have sex appeal – next to Takumi Saito *g*

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