Summer street festival ass

Summer street festival ass

Summer in Tokyo is hot and humid. Nothing like a street fair for unapologetic, nonchalant male nudity. This tubby guy’s butt cheeks obscured the fact he was wearing a fundoshi. I like how he parades around holding but never wearing his shorts. I was in heaven.

Summer street festival ass

While other mens’ short jackets covered their junk, this guy made sure that nothing was hidden.

Summer street festival ass

Although I was riveted by tubby cheeks, there were many distractions. Check out this bulge, accentuated by the traditional costume.

Summer street festival bulge

And finally this tall cop had me wishing for detention. What could have I done to get cuffed?

Summer street festival hot cop


  1. Jared you are hilarious! I too have found the “loincloth” look to be a highlight of summer in Japan. As for getting cuffed, if public nudity won’t do it, what will?!

    1. Exposing yourself in Japan requires many ritualized accessories. These are “traditions,” not hippies. Still, the sacred and profane co-mingle, and exposed butt cheeks attract attention from locals and foreign residents, including my reader Green Eyed Geisha. This summer festival has the added benefit that spectators are pouring buckets of water and spraying hoses at the celebrants, adding more transparency to the minimal outfits.

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