Otomen Premiere: Guest Post

As promised, Otomen debuted last night on Japanese TV. Britton Watkins created this guest post, which neatly summarizes the plot and characters.

Otomen Premiere

Asuka’s Father was a soft-spoken and romantic gardener.

Otomen Premiere

But the precocious youth Asuka adored him and emulated him at every turn.


Beautiful Mom thought Dad was just great too…


…until one day when everyone was getting all excited about telling the truth and being praised for such honesty…


…Dad decided to proclaim his life-long desire to be [insert dramatic pause here] a WOMAN.   [Insert follow-up GASP! here.]


The doctors were barely able to save Mom from the shock. Dad vanished and Asuka was made to promise to never end up like his father. His belovèd stuffed toys, banished from the household forever.


Jump to the present. Asuka is the toughest dude at school. He’s a kendo master.


Vanquishes every opponent.


He’s butch, thin, and beautiful…


But, with a soft, sensitive side too.


He’s an “Otomen.” (Princess Guy)


Of course, he’s a great student. A role model in every way.


His str8 friends think he’s super cool…


The gay guy [with the most retarded hair in the history of broadcast television] wants to BE him.


And the mysterious new transfer student is drawn to him for reasons that neither she nor he completely understand.


But when Mom’s away, ghosts of stuffed animals past haunt him.


How can he completely deny himself his clandestine knitting passions ???


His special friends love and sustain him…


…but that’s not the kind of secret you can keep forever (especially from your str8 stalker buddies).

There’s a gang of bullies causing endless mischief; and Asuka is really good at baking cakes (and icing them perfectly with decorative rosettes); and the new girl has a bad-ass side to her that almost no one can believe… but I can’t give the whole thing away.

Of course, this is all so controversial that it has to be broadcast at 11:10 PM on Saturday night (presumably, to protect the innocent ? ).

Otomen! On Air Now.

Thank you, Japan.

PS: You may want to include this link for people who want to know more. Like how to get it in English in the States. VIZ Media is publishing it.

Editor’s Note: And the television live action version should be up and subtitled soon on my favorite fan-sub website:


    1. The guest blog is a perfect summary of this wonderful new series. Adrik, you and the fujoshi world-wide will love this show. I love when the transfer student says, 守ってあげたくなる。(I am starting to want to protect you). Enjoy Otomen and his secretly butch friend.

  1. XD This IS the same Otomen as the manga Otomen? Cause, I really want to watch that… the summary here doesn’t seem like the one I read. It’s really sexist and stereotypical, but unfortunately the idea of a straight shoujo/yaoi-loving guys makes me very happy.

  2. You know what, I just finished reading the whole article and it’s definitely the same story. XD

    The main chara looks better in the drama than the manga.

  3. Marius, the TV drama is based on the manga. And, yes, the lead boy is awfully butch, pretty, and (hidden from others) super-femme in his hobbies. The set-up with the mom’s frantic plea, “Don’t be like your Dad,” is incredibly campy!

  4. Well, that show certainly isn’t winning any points with the transgender rights enthusiasts… What is it with dramas making that issue into more of a drama then it should be? ><

    1. i don’t think that the main teen characters are transgender or gay. from what i understand, their interests exceed “normal” gender ideals, and they are trying to be who they are within the constraints of a judgmental society. teenagers can be cruel, and Japanese in general can be reluctant to accept personal freedom and expression.

      the boy’s dad, seen only briefly, is the only transgender character. and i don’t think the viewer can be too sympathetic to the freaked-out mother who attempts to keep her son from girlie pursuits.

      what do others think?

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