Orange summer outfit on Tokyo train

Orange summer outfit on Private line

Mid-summer in Tokyo is a wall of heat and humidity. A long day of work was suddenly perked up by the site of this hyper-coordinated youth. Showing that style does not have to be expensive or formal, this fashion super-hero matches his cap, t-shirt, shorts and Crocs in shades of orange and yellow. I ❤ Tokyo! おしゃれ!


  1. I glad I’m not the only person who takes pictures of people on the metro!

    I always feel so awkward but my inability to ignore Asian fashion trends is stronger than my self-dignity, so shoot away I do.

    I figure, they stare at me, why can’t I do the same to them? It really does get awkward when I’m standing 3 feet away from a gorgeous, well-made-up pretty boy and it’s all I can do to peel my eyes away from him.

    My queer exchange boy friend and I are on our way to mastering the stealth-camera-jutsu. ;p

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