1. he is the hottest hottest thing.. i have no words πŸ™‚ seeing it billboard size is mind-blowing.. hehe
    thanks for the props tho x

  2. Marius, you are welcome! How come you have such limited internet access in TW? I see you’re catching up on all the old posts.

    Thanks for being such a loyal blog reader!

  3. ^^ There is no lack of internet here, only my own personal usage is so restricted. Rotary Int’l’s all like “You are here to be in Taiwan, not on the internet talking to friends back home.”

    T.T It’s true but I’d still like to read what’s going on. This isn’t the 19th century anymore. People don’t write letters to friends back home by candlelite only to receive a letter back 3 months later by packmule. -_-

    You’re welcome for the loyalty! My rate is NT$5000/hour but for you, a special price of only NT$4500! (I’m working on my bargaining skills… I get jipped EVERY time).

    1. I am attempting to repay your kindness by posting lots of images and stories about hot Japanese (and other) men. It’s remarkable we have so many common interests. Either you are very mature, or I am very young at heart.

      BTW, how does Rotary know how many hours you are online? I love your photos on Taipei 101. You are looking great, and are sure to meet many hot young Taiwanese. Have fun and play safe!

  4. πŸ™‚ Post away, my friend! I love your blog.

    Well, it’s the host family that controls how long you are on. My host mother says I am allowed one hour a day but unfortunately I do not always have the time. When I do have time, one our is not nearly enough. So, like with most authority figures in my life, I have learned to ignore what she says and do what I want.

    I go online and as long as I study for 3+ hours a day my host mom is happy so we both get what we want.

    Thank you for the compliments! ❀

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