Skilled laborers singing karaoke together

Skilled laborers singing karaoke together banner

You don’t need to be Donald Richie— noted American film critic, high culture interlocutor, and lover of Tokyo construction workers– to swoon over this neighborhood banner celebrating the association of skilled laborers. In Japanese, they are called gatenkei no hito (ガテン系のひと).

What says solidarity more than singing karaoke in hard hats and head towels? The husband reminds me that skilled workers, like yakuza, have a reputation for chosen male families and gay sex.


  1. The world of ガテン系 (skilled blue-collar workers) is a bit contradictory: they definitely value sexual tensions/acts among men important for their communities, but do not openly admit their affections toward one another–or do not articulate them verbally…

  2. Hee, hee. ^^ I do love the poster. Nothing like a hard hat to make you feel ready for anything (Including karaoke.)!

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