Spock x Kirk slash video

This blog has featured much Japanese “Boys Love” or yaoi stories (man-on-man action created by and for women). A startup entrepreneur reminded me today of US slash fan videos, particularly this Star Trek edited fantasy created to the soundtrack of Nine Inch Nail’s Closer. Moe knows no national borders!

While the classic Trek slash video has over a million views in the past two years, a newer version (v2) was created using this summer’s Spock and Kirk lovefest.


  1. First of all, I don’t mind your questions at all! I love sharing my knowledge of all things BL.

    Second, it’s funny that you mention the SpockXKirk pairing. My friends and I were discussing this not too long ago.

    US slash is an interesting thing. I agree with you when you say that this seems a little more underground. At least in Japan, BL is more widely accepted amongst teenage girls than slash is here. Androgyny is definitely more visible in Japan, I think.

    In the recent convo with my slash-buddies at school, it was revealed to me that Spock X Kirk is the origin of all slash today; the godmother, if you will. (;D) Apparently, according to my Star Trek-addicted informants, Spock X Kirk is actually canon (which for those of you unfamiliar with the term means that the couple really existed in the original work). My informant went on to say that the term “slash” comes from the process of removing (slashing) the S X K fandom from the show.

    A few years ago, I read a poem called the Yaoi Girl’s Poem or something like that which mentioned the Spock X Kirk pairing as being the origin of slash.

    Unfortunately I have to go now but I will try to continue this later. šŸ™‚ a

    1. haha. i love that Spock x Kirk is the “godmother” of all slash. it’s amazing how the internet allows people to explore alternate readings and form new communities, no? thanks, marius, for being such a loyal reader and contributor!

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