Swine flu hits Japan

Swine flu hits Japan

The husband says I look “ayashii” (あやしい), not to be confused with the boy band “Arashi” (嵐, literally Storm), a popular boy band. No, I look suspicious. Better strange looking than sorry, I think.

The towel and sunglasses mark the arrival of summer. And the mask, well, Japan has just recorded over 100 swine flu cases since Friday, making it global #4 after Mexico, the US, and Canada.

So “ayashii ojiisan” went in this get-up on the JR, and to my very first sumo match. At the entrance, we were offered liquid hand sanitizer. Here’s another image.

Swine flu hits Japan, at sumo match

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    For some reason, when Japanese people where the masks, they look cool and Yanki. When Westerners use it, they look like criminals. Perhaps it’s a cultural difference.

    You’re shiko is really funny!

    Also, your reference to Arashi made me happy. If you could put as many references to boy bands (that aren’t Kanjani 8) as possible, it’d be much appreciated! XD Bonus points every time you make Teppei Koike relevent to anything you are saying.

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