Bento for garden tour

Bento made by husband

Here’s the bento my husband made me for a garden tour with the (famous university) professor’s class last weekend. Note the pretty cloth and simple tie on our kitchen counter.

Here’s what it looked like unpacked on the garden bench. Two levels, including pasta, carrot pickles, celery salad, bacon, and egg. Note how the pickles have their own cute paper cup, there’s a re-usable toothpick in the eggs, and the salad is wrapped for freshness. Husband, please forgive my taking the photo without tidying up the bacon!

Bento made by husband

It tasted great!


  1. SOOOOOO cute! Things like this make me want to implode. I just can’t handle so much cute! ❤

    -_-' Also, I think I accidently spammed one of your entries. I wrote something, it didn't show up, I wrote it again and sent it again, it still didn't show up, I wrote something else, it showed up, I retyped my first message again, it didn't show up, and now I think it's telling me they actually did go through. SO, I apologize if like the same message shows up 30 times. ^^;

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