Numazu’s infamous “rabu hoterus” (love hotels)

Come in lovers, Numazu "rabu hoteru"

“Come in lovers,” Numazu’s Jump Hotel beckons. This post is a photo essay on the over-the-top “rabu hoterus” (love hotels) that surround the Numazu bizen ceramics studio. On one side of the studio is a large forested hillside, populated by birds including the lovely uguisu.

Numazu bizen pastoral

The other three sides are dozens of short-term stay hotels, with garish neon, absurd names, columns, statuary, fountains, tikki lights, plastic palm trees, free Wii, and abundant car parking. All of this looks worse in daylight.

Numazu love hotel statuary

Hunny pot love hotel

Utoville 555, plastic palm trees Alpha love hotel Hotel HiHi Mickey Mouse head light at love hotel Watergate love hotel


  1. haha omg a mickey light!! πŸ˜€ if only it were red ;P i love the intense pottery expose followed by rabu hoteru. totally illustrating Japan perfectly πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, Adrik. Not only the posts are contiguous, so are the actual places. The traditional pottery center, in a town where the Emperor has a home, is surrounded on 3 sides by dozens of love hotels. Japan is so loveable. Do you think Mickey got his licensing fee from the rabu hoteru?

  3. I am staying at the Hunny Pot when we come to visit. What is that yellow substance supposed to represent?

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