Fundoshi v Fujoshi

Fujoshi, illustration

Another simple mistake in Japanese. Inquiring about the cultural activities of takenoko gathering, I innocently asked my in-laws, “Will there be any fujoshi?” Ooops. What I meant to ask was about fundoshi.

Above, a fujoshi, an anime and manga-addicted girl who enjoys boy-on-boy romance and sex stories known as BL (boys love). Below, fundoshi, a ritual loin cloth worn by men for some religious holidays.


Finally, one more fujoshi image, courtesy of recent commenter and blogger, imbeleth.

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  1. haha. i agree entirely! clearly we think alike. that’s why i wonder why so few Japanese gays like BL, and how a few non-Japanese women have become converted to fujoshi-ism. any thoughts?

  2. i have some female non japanese friends who adore BL, but i think our culture just thinks it’s weird.. i’ve always had a theory that japanese gays are butch-er than japanese straights (at least when it comes to men) i think it’s an overcompensatory action, also because BL is SOOOO boys oriented, there’s not much macho BL stuff. maybe we could jump-start the market ;P

    1. Tanko-san, yes, please translate articles into Portuguese with links back to my original posts. That will be great. Are you from Brazil or Portugal? Obrigado!

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