Spring flowers

Spring flowers

I love spring. It’s been cold here the past two weeks, and the ever vigilant newscasters are reporting that the cherry blossom season is now one week behind the previous estimate. There’s actually a nightly map showing the progress from south to north, and west to east for peak blooms. It’s flower mania.

The photo above is an unknown (to me) woodsy flower growing outside our apartment complext. Below is quince plus some other very common small white flower shrub.


And just around the corner, near the house demolitions, is this amazingly fragrant small bush. It smells like honey. I wonder what it’s called?

Fragrant shrub, Shin Nakano


  1. purple flowers are called ムラサキハナナ (they are related to daikon radish)、the one with tiny white flowers ユキヤナギ (which can be translated as “snow willows”)、the last one with fragrant flowers ジンチョウゲ–its name in Latin is “Daphne odora.” Japanese used the flowers for toothache and sores in the mouth, but the fruits are poisonous!

  2. The tiny white flower shrub looks like a species of spiraea. Definitely Daphne odora in the bottom pic, but my nose does not pick up honey — much more spicy and lemony to me. Not sure what the genus is of the cruciferous purpley flower. The wild European radish in every field on the California coast has a similar look, though less dainty.

  3. Yes, Jason–the tiny while flower shrub is “Spiraea thunbergii.”

    But I believe the purple flowers are “Orychophragmus violaceus.”

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