Plates & Sake cups

Four plates

At the ceramics studio this winter, I have been focusing on a set of plates, commissioned by my Japanese aunt, and small sake cups (ぐい飲み). For the plates, I am experimenting with circular patterns and using a white glaze on black clay. It’s hard to make the plates, and several have cracked during the first firing.

The small sake cups I brought to San Francisco to give to friends. I tried various techniques for carving and pattern-making with something that looks like cheese cloth. The idea was to create texture to steady your hand as you drink. I also made some necklaces and brooches for my relatives in NYC using cookie cutters and stamps to create flower patterns.

Guinomi, or small sake cups

You can see I tried a few different color combinations.

Guinomi, or small sake cups

I like how the seam is visible.

Guinomi, or small sake cups


  1. one of the plates looks like Mr. Bill…lol

    or little black sambo…

    maybe it’s like one of those ink blot tests the shrinks give you. heheh
    “here comes Mr. Bill’s dog…”
    Damn am I dating myself?


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