Hotness in liberated America

Hotness in liberated America

Dorothy, I think we’re in Camelot!

Not to mix metaphors too much, but arriving in the United States after the election has been startling. A hot First Lady, and a liberation regime! No more torture, anti-family crusading, pro-pollution policies?!

Economic disaster, political corruption and American religious fervor will certainly constrain the new government’s actions. Still, this regime change is dramatic and captivating.

For more info on First Lady Michelle Obama’s stunning inauguration fashion, please click:

Thanks, Ericthefez, for the photo and link for this post. Michelle, you have charmed everyone!


  1. She’s stunning. I believe that her radiating style cannot be underestimated, especially in a depressed time like this–she inspires, and that matters, no?

  2. Because I’ve grown up in the Bush regime, I’m really hoping for change. Obama doesn’t have to be perfect for him to be this country’s saving grace. I’m so proud to call him president (and Mrs. Obama first lady)! I’m so sick of right-wingers and their bullshit. Long die the republican party!

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