If I were a boy

I am completely obsessed by this Beyonce song and video. The song is the perfect guy’s karaoke song. And the video of Beyonce as a cop is soo hot and sad.

UPDATE: Click here to watch the video. YouTube has blocked “embedded videos” for this tune.


  1. such feeling. perf for tiny karaoke bar john & i visited in back alley of waikikers. many amer idol candidates there.

  2. Although usually I think I am the better judge of what it means to be a girl, I was confused by the song, too. Luckily, the husband explained both the song and the video to me.

    Beyonce wishes she was in the hot cop uniform, and that she was her boyfriend. Because, in fact, the boyfriend cannot understand her feelings. So sad, and yet so hot!

    Self-love has never been truer.

  3. On a book cover designer’s website. I love US book covers. The guy has a picture of himself and his dog (poodle) which leaves few doubts about his orientations πŸ˜‰

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