1. Ah! I just answered one of the questions! Haha. You’re female. I had read your blog’s bio but for some reason had completely missed the word “wife.” Haha. 🙂 I thought you were a male since your blog’s name is Jared and your bio pic is male. So you moved to Nakano? That’s cool! How come? What’s your opinion of it? Do you speak fluent Japanese? If so, did you learn through college? If you don’t mind my asking! ^^

  2. Haha, thanks Marius Mink. You inspired me to update my About page. Are “wives” only women? I am a male “wife” married (in my mind) to a Japanese man who has decided to return home. My Japanese language ability is not good, and you certainly know more about Japanese male celebrities than me! I may need to take some lessons from you.

  3. You are a guy! I thought so! Haha. As soon as I wrote the second comment about the wife, I thought “Wait, men can be wives!” Hahaha!

    You’re my hero! XD I only know this much about Japanese male celebrities because I’m a 17-yr-old fujoshi with no life. Haha. I was telling my sister of my battle trying to decide whether you were male or female. 🙂 You mentioned in one of your posts that you’ve done some work in Brazil about dragqueens. If you don’t mind (I ask too many questions!), are you a sociologist of some sort? Or maybe an ethonologist? A photographer?

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