Shameless adultery, on Xmas!

Shameless adultery, on Xmas! Kimutaka with Beyonce

I was hoping for the perfect Xmas today. Confronted with such public and shameless adultery, my dreams have now been shattered.

Darling Kimutaku, do our vows mean nothing? Everywhere I turn I see you with that woman. I know that Beyonce is famous, rich and beautiful. But why must you flaunt your indiscretions in public? You have turned peace and love into envy and hate. If you want to reclaim my heart, I am expecting over-sized jewels.

–Your soon-to-be-former-wife


  1. GEG, are you suggesting Kimu is a polygamist, too?! What a heart-breaker.

    I have a theory that Japanese can be divided into two types of ad-man lovers, Kimutaku and Fukuyama Masaharu (福山雅治). Both have their faces plastered on every surface and screen, selling everything from hair product to televisions to canned coffee.

    And while both are definitely approaching ojisan-age, with their over-indulgence in botox, surgery and photo-shop, they make me feel more age-accepting.

    GEG, what do you think of Fukuyama?

  2. I know but he is such a gorgeous man.

    That’s funny you mentioned Fukuyama, my 60-something Japanese teacher loves him but he is a little too pretty-boy for me. Granted Kimtaku is about as pretty as they come, he fronts a bad boy attitude and is so very very hawt.

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