American meat, for the holidays?

American meat, for the holidays?

“We care” is the tag line to the American Meat campaign ( Convincing Japanese to touch American beef apparently requires extensive transit advertising and a complicated web site. The expensive multi-channel campaign also requires images of healthy white Americans, their innocent children, their cows grazing in belly-high grass in verdant valleys.

Of course, most of the American meat supply is kept artificially inexpensive by feeding animals soy and grains, confining them to small enclosures, and hopping them up with hormones and antibiotics. Not to mention the toxic waste caused by 10 meter high piles of chicken and pig manure that ends up in streams and the water supply. I guess that wouldn’t create upbeat “we care” imagery.

Does anyone know if the general Japanese meat supply is as factory-farmed and dangerous as in the United States? Has anyone in Japan been tempted by the “we care” ads to taste some American beef? Please send a comment.

(Just 42 more hours of Xmas music!)


  1. How wholesome does this pair look?! I’d been hoping someone else would notice this ridiculous ad. I have nothing scientific or legitimate to go on, but Japanese beef is always more expensive to buy and judging by the fact that if certain meat on a menu is Japanese it is highlighted as such, the public certainly thinks it is better. There is certainly less land to raise cows here, leading to a practically-cult following of Kobe and Ishigaki beef.

  2. Regular American meat scares me. And needing an expensive ad to sell cheap meat abroad is NOT reassuring.

    I wonder if Kobe and Ishigaki beef is grass-fed. Probably. You pay much more in the United States for grass-fed, organic and cruelty-free meat and eggs.

  3. When I saw the ad on the train, I laught.
    It’s so far from the reality : confined areas, GMOs fed, hormones.
    It’ s all about marketing and they don’t care about health but they DO care about marketing.
    I usually pay attention buying Japanese meat in shops. But I can’t avoid meat served in cheap restaurants.

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