A new First Lady

New First Lady

OMG. What a wonderful dress. Welcome, new First Lady, Michelle Obama. It’s going to be a fierce 4 to 8 years.

Does anyone know who designed the dress? It’s very Mark Rothko, and totally unlike the typical power-suit (see Mrs Biden to her right for an example of that tired look). I am ready for c-h-a-n-g-e.

Laura, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And, Cindy, I hope you can medicate yourself into happiness as a private citizen.


  1. Dress by Thakoon maybe; not of everyone’s taste, I read this comment on the web “what an awful dress michelle wore she looks like satans wife!”

  2. It’s Narciso Rodriguez.

    I should’ve taken a picture of me last night at the obama/no-onprop-8/no-on-prop4/democrats party in San Francisco- I wore the same sweater and tank that our new first lady wore when she was on the Tonight Show (http://www.mrs-o.org/?p=903) only I added a black crystal brooch and wore black pants instead of that fabulous skirt she wore on the Tonight Show. I adore her. So glad she’s the one, not cindy!

  3. Thanks, Leanne! Of course you know the designer, Narcico Rodriguez. Didn’t he design John-John Kennedy’s ill-fated bride’s wedding dress? And thanks for the referral to Mrs O website!

  4. One of her very few fashion mistakes was the red dress she wore for the White House visit. Made her look 7 feet tall instead of the 6 feet that she is. She looked taller than Barak.
    I’m just jealous; I love her clothes.

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