John McCain looks crazy!

Lots of weird eye-lash-batting and facial expressions at the last debate. Thanks, Eric-the-fez, for passing this on.

And then there’s the silly gif’s from And the SF Halloween display of McCain in a coffin with Palin holding a machine gun. Thanks J-Zee.


  1. Christophe, Thanks for adding that link to Saturday Night Live. Do you think he got one more vote by clowning around?

    I loved Cindy’s cameo appearance tho.

    Did you hear some Canadian pranked Gov Palin into a phone interview pretending he was President Sarkozy, and even suggested they hunt together by helicopter?

  2. yes i’ve listened to it and notwithstanding a pretty bad impersonation of our shameful president, it was not funny at all… he even talked about the hustler porn movie with Palin’s alter ego and Palin did not react at all… by contrast I find that Mc Cain and his wife really did well on SNL

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