Can middle-aged men find admirers?

Bangin Sensei recently introduced a new otaku term to describe admirers of middle-aged men: karesen, or カレセン, an abbreviation of kareta ojisan senmon (literally withered old man sexual taste). Other special “sen” interests include debusen (デブ専), to love fat girls only, and bususen (ブス専) to love ugly girls only. I think karesen is a new term, and also related to a more popular BL term オヤジ受け [oyaji-uke].

Bangin Sensei hedges his post by stating that this “brand-new genre of 萌え (moe) has come though I guess this is to be for women.” His definition must be quoted in full:

To get to the point, カレセン means to love a middle-aged man or even a bit old man. He wouldn’t even have to be that gorgeous and handsome, but gentle and good-hearted. If he seems to be a bit lonesome, it might be much better. I’d venture to say he would be a bachelor and…sorry for saying like this, but a ダメ男[dameo, sucker]. But I can ganrantee there are a lot of girls who love such a ダメ男. )

Bangin Sensei also quotes a book titled Do you like オジサン(ojisan), which sums up the positive qualities of middle-aged men:

a. He can make the most of his free time.

b. He looks nice on the backstreet.

c. He prefers cats than dogs.

d. He prefers a bottle of beer than a can of it.

e. He must be drinking alone at his favorite bar. At a tiny little bar.

f. He is a kind of well-informed, but he is so modest.

g. He dosen’t follow women or money so much.

h. He accepts his age. This means he doesn’t try to look himself younger.

The range of sen and moe in Japan provide genuine “shock and awe.” As a middle-aged man, I wonder do karesen also include younger men? Other middle-aged men? Senior men? Can middle-aged men find admirers?

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  1. So funny! I am definitely in love with young, beautiful girly men. Hahaha. Maybe because I’m 17? Will this change? Also, wouldn’t it be creepy for me to be 30, 40, 50 and still lovin’ jannizu-seinen? T.T I shudder at the thought. I never wanna get older!

    It’s okay if it’s a crush (like with your Kimutaku, I think that’s adorable), but if I’m still obsessed and fangirly like I am now when I’m 40, it’ll be creepy. I’ll probably “grow out of it” though.

  2. Marius, You are so precocious I sometimes forget how *young* you are. You have every right to enjoy young girly Yaoi boys. And I agree that older people chasing after teens is unsightly and lacking elegance. But the alternative to aging is worse, and even us middle-aged and older people have to make the best of what we have. Maybe that’s true for everyone, no?

    When do you leave for Taipei? Have a wonderful time, and enjoy the big male hair and girly-guys-who-like-girls.

  3. ^^ My number goal in life is to age gracefully (not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well). You and this woman I saw on a Japanese variety show called Cartoon Kat-tun are my heroes and inspiration! Most (*cough*all) of the adults in my life are so messed up and… just dysfunctional.

    I was beginning to get discourged. I was thinking “Oh man! Are ALL adults like this? Is this part of being an adult?!” But when I saw that woman (I should look up her name) on Cartoon Kattun, I was so happy. ^^ She’s so cool and beautiful and sophisticated. I decided, that’s gonna be me!

    Also, thanks for everything! ^^ I’ll be leaving around Aug 22-28. I cannot WAIT to get there and be surrounded by beautiful men. *dreams*

  4. Thanks, Marius. I am not sure I have reached any level of function. I just try to put one foot in front of the other every day.

    BTW, have I ever asked you where your moniker Marius Monk comes from? Did I tell you that the husband assumed at first that you were an older person pretending to be a high schooler?

  5. XDDDDDDDDD That’s hilarious.

    Marius comes from the character Marius in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Mink is the last name of Iason Mink, a character in the 80s Japanese novel-turned-anime Ai no Kusabi.

    The reason I chose these two names is because I look up to both of them a lot. They inspire me and remind me of what I want to become. (And they’re both gay! XD)

    Marius because he’s the oldest living vampire (in the series), he’s rich, and he’s the most knowledgeable person ever. He’s over 2000 years old and he studies everything (even before he was turned into a vampire). AND, he was in his 40s when he was converted, which is pretty rare in any vampire series.

    Iason because he’s the ULTIMATE seme. He’s gorgeous and really, really complicated. People see him as bad on the outside, but he’s not really. He acts just how he was socialized to act, but he even breaks some of the rules of that socialization (we can never break all of them), so he’s better than other people that are in his caste.

    I only read the English translation of the Spanish translation of the Japanese novel (and I never finished it), but I totally recommend the book to you! And, the anime is okay, but it’s confusing if you didn’t read the book. Watch it anyway, though. Apparently, the company DMP has licensed the Ai no Kusabi novel in English, so check it out!

    (I always write too much!)

  6. Wow. Not too much at all. Thanks for explaining the Marius Mink references. I like how Marius fits the karasen theme. And ultimate seme sounds too good to be true. I’ll look for 「Ai no kusabi」 in English translation.

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