Shu’s high school friends

I joined Shu and his high school friends Yuki and Ami for lunch at a chic Roppongi museum. They also attended his art show Haru a few weeks ago. It’s cool that Shu’s connected with his past; I realize I am only in touch with one high school friend, and two college friends. Maybe that’s why Shu feels more connected with his home city.

One comment

  1. How sweet! I wonder if I’ll be in touch with my high school pals? Or pals from Taiwan. Or college pals (eventually). I have a feeling I won’t be living in the US when I’m older. That and I have a feeling I’m gonna end up in San Francisco for graduate school and maybe even afterwards. It’ll be hard to keep seeing my friends cause they all want to stay in the same town they’ve grown up in.

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