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Even boring sports have their high points



Yes, Colin Kaepernick, you have convinced me that there is more to football than rowdy men, beer, and burka-like uniforms. He seems to invite attention and observation. I highly recommend the full video, from ESPN’s 2013 “Body Issue.” Love how he gives interview on tattoo table!


Full body tattoo and tank top print are mesmerizing


Wow! I wish I saw more of this in Tokyo ; )


Even the ladies have tattoos at Onjuku beach



So many young guys with huge tattoos. Even some women, too.

Hello, white sand, yankiis, and a row of inflatable donuts



Chiba’s Onjuku remains one of my favorite day trips from Tokyo. Beach is gorgeous, you can rent most anything you need, and the tattooed yankiis are super friendly.

At the beach, tattoos are allowed!

back_tattoo_gaybeachpartyNone of that ridiculous anti-tattoo discrimination at the beach. This is a beautiful work in progress. I wonder if it extends below the waist?


Close enough to touch?



Thanks to Al’s zoom lens, it seems we’re close enough to touch this military-style crew cut guy with large arm tattoo.

Skinny, long hair, and tattoos on the beach, with power plant in background



Is that a power plant in the distance? Despite being at the edge of an enormous working harbor, Miura Kaigan has relatively clean water and plenty of room for all types of beach goers.

Sanja matsuri this weekend in Asakusa


This festival looks like heaven. Gorgeous yakuza tattoos. Who’s going this weekend? (Photo credit).

Watch out for sharks!


A deft hand-move opens up the view of the scary shark with mouth open wide. Viewed from chilly Tokyo, it’s an invitation to another reality.


This is ramen heaven