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Big hair worshippers distracted and snapping photos in opposite direction of shrine

I wonder if these guys work at the same hair salon! That’s some big and complicated male hair. I like how they’re focused on something on opposite side of the shrine. Maybe Anpan man?

Referee injured at sumo match!

With those big boys grappling, there are bound to be injuries. This referee was knocked unconscious at the tournament going on this week and next in Tokyo.

Grupo Dandy at Tori no Ichi

As the manager explained to me, Grupo Dandy is more than a male host club. It’s three or four male host clubs! The dandies all had the same fashion: dark, shiny suits, big hair, sort of a cross between salary man and gangsta. I don’t think it’s sufficiently edgy.

Lady Gaga: “Judas is the demon I cling to”

Wow! Lady Gaga creates video drama like no one since Madonna. I love how in the new Judas video she imagines herself as the Jesus leader of an LA bike gang. Big hair, leather, skin, and of course lots of dancing. Her hunky Judas, wearing a crown, is clearly irresistible. Given the ever increasing militarism in the US, it’s lovely to see her whip out a gold gun armed with lipstick. I feel the passion!

Soccer star’s big hair exceeds back story

Lee Tadanari (李 忠成) is super-famous now in Japan, as one of the top scorers in Japan’s recent Asia Cup soccer tournament championship. I first noticed him on TV last nite in the return-home footage on the news. Despite the flight from wherever, Lee-san’s orange hair stood proudly high as his country (and a few foreign perverts) welcomed his return.

Apparently, Lee is 4th generation “zainichi,” or Korean-Japanese. I love his extreme vanity, and daring with hair color on and off the playing field.


Big love for Doritos, in a sauna

Another user-generated Doritos Superbowl ad entry. I am certain that chips, fear, and desire can lead to love!

Big-haired boys enjoy eachother’s company

What’s better than one big-haired boy? Four! I wonder if they spend all their time talking about hair products and diets.

Mongolian love

Hakoho helps Asashoryu to his feet after defeating him. Hakoho went on to to win the Kyushu sumo tournament. The hubb found this image, which suggest that “good guy” and “bad boy” rivals might also share some big love after all.

Wishes at major shrine

Wishes at major shrine

Visiting a major shrine in Tokyo, I decided to stop and read some of the wishes written on wooden placards. I had thought they would all be about love and world peace. Of course, many are, but some are hilarious. Not sure if it’s bad to read others’ wishes, but they are public and I could not help myself.

Wishes at major shrine

Here are some of the best ones in English. Above: “I want a BMW 3 Series with real leather seats and a Bose sounds system and a GPS nav. system with a cute Japanese girl voice and seat warmers so my butt stays warm in the winter.”

Wishes at major shrine

“Simon has clear direction in his life and is determined to be + stay debt free with a house that owns . . . . He understands that it is all down to him– go for it tree!!!”

Wishes at major shrine

“Wish my daughter Linting (?) come to her senses + break away from Dario completely and never see him again. Wish good health, safe . . . Heal me + let me live a long healthy happy life.”

Below is what all the cards called ema in Japanese look like underneath the giant tree.

Wishes at major shrine

More wish cards after the jump.

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