Asashoryu retires from sumo

I shed a few tears over my beloved Asashoryu’s (forced) retirement from sumo. It’s not that I don’t like Hakuho, but Asashoryu’s bad boy personality is super sexy. The retirement ritual involves a hair cut. Thanks to the non-jealous hubb for sending me these images and story.

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4 responses to “Asashoryu retires from sumo

  1. Ah, I saw that on the news and I was like – why is the sumo dude getting a hair cut? Thanks for filling me in.

  2. Cool. I went once many years ago when they had a sumo tournament in Australia.

  3. No matter what anyone says, I don’t care. I just admire with this guy. He was the best. Now is sumo is less entertaining than it used to be when he was there.

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